What is Pharma or Medical Grade CBD?

First let’s shed some light on a big myth, i.e. our, or any, CBD is more potent than any other. A CBD molecule is a CBD molecule one is not more potent than another. If both products actually have 500mg of CBD they are equally potent. Delivery methods and Nano technology can make a difference in bioavailability, but we will take that up in another article. 

Now, as to the label “Pharma, or Medical” grade CBD. These terms generally refer to the manufacturing process and the purity of the product. Many people make Hemp based CBD products at home in their kitchens. This does not allow for truly sterile conditions or lend itself to precise control of the process. 

In order to truly make the claim of Medical or Pharma grade product, you need to control the environment and process batch over batch and also have control over the raw ingredients used. In the case of CBD that means control over the seed genetic grown, the farm and farming practices used, all the way through oil extraction and product manufacturing and packaging.

We manufacture our products in an FDA Certified industrial kitchen with all the proper controls in place to ensure purity of every batch. We also operate as a vertically integrated Manufacture meaning we control the process from the seed that goes in the ground, to the Farmer we grow with, to the handling of the plant, right through extraction and product bottling. Until future regulations are put in place to ensure quality across the industry, there will continue to be contaminated and poor quality products on many retailer shelves and web stores.

Pharmacists' hands